Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hopefully, our friendship would not dismiss after this, G-Force has left a lot of nice memory and it remind us about teamwork!

Let's have a look on what on our mind:

"At first, I never ever know and thought a lot of wonderful thing could happen in such a lucky draw group. Everyone was so nice and we really communicate well among each other. Oh yeah G-Force! We got another gang to hang out =D I really appreciate this teamwork. I gain a nice experience for my entrepreneurship assignment with members that I never ever group before. I also learn from everyone of G-Force, to improve myself, especially on confidence level. Thanks everyone of you to accept my bad side(if there are any that I didn't realize). Thanks Ms Su for consulting and facilitating! [Hope you feel this sem is better for you, and hope we didn't make you disappointed] Love you all! Take care!! Muacksss"
Secretary - Ee Von

"basically, everyone of our classmate do have their own group of friends and being corporate with each others for a couple of time. This is the 1st time i group with the others, but the feeling is that each of our team mate, been corporate for so long. One of the good things is that we do not argue or fight among each others and manage to produce good work and also form strong bond! Spend our sweet time and sweat together. Feeling glad to be one of the member in G-FORCE!"
Treasurer - Huan Yik

"Initially, I really felt abit worried because of miss su’s style of forming assignment groups… However, I felt really thankful for not getting in group with new faces… I felt really glad to get along with bunch of team members who are so so committed to our group work… all in all, we enjoy every meeting as “communication” is our key to success…unlimited thx to eddie(the leader of the year), Ee Von(the best blogger I’ve ever met), Huan Yik (the best chauffeur driver) and lastly dongmei (the best sewer)….TQ so much….love u all…XOXO"
Layout Designer - Venasa

"Thank you guys for the contribution to G-force, our G-force is the best group which I have never group before, I felt so great that I was the one of it. Although I spent much more time on MGT 338 group work, I really gain a lot of things which I have not known before, you guys made me know what is passion, what is attitude and what is confidence. During that time, I felt so stressful, I was afraid that i cannot do the public presentation even I cried in class, however, Eddie and Ee Von helped me so much, they comforted me and gave me the confidence. I felt so happy i have the friends like you guys, again, thanks Eddie and Ee Von, of course thanks Huan Yik and Venasa, you are so nice to me and give me a lot of help on many things. and thanks Ms. Su for giving the chance to be a group with the lovely guys. I will never forget the time we spent together. Anyway, THANK YOU you guys so much, i love you all."
Typist - Dongmei

On 30th of July 2010, my group, G-Force was awarded the best group for the Green Business Entrepreneurship Challenge – an MGT338 project. It was a historic day for us all. Myself, I felt the sudden surge of joy, surprise and light-heartedness when our group was announced as the best. I remember when I turned around and look at Venasa, Huan Yik and Ee Von and Dong Mei, they were expressionless, stunned and lost for words. I completely understand their reaction as I too, felt the same. Finally, our hard work and time sacrificed have bear the fruit we deserve. What an honour!

When I was leading my group, I mentioned that what’s important is not about winning, but it’s the process of working together as a team that matters. Honestly, what I hoped for throughout the project came true. Our team spirit grew stronger day by day and better bonding can be seen among us as we were always together. I believe that we succeed because we were always doing things together and motivating each other towards a common objective.

In the beginning, group meetings were no more than a task to be fulfilled. However, as we meet more often, group meetings slowly became a daily habit and everyone was more initiative, motivated and keen to gather and continue yesterdays’ work. I believe it is because the drive and passion in every one of us slowly builds up as our vision became more and more visible, and that we felt more and more confident in our product and ourselves every time we gather to improve our work to the smallest detail.

Frankly speaking, I am proud to lead this group of mine, G-Force. It is the best group project I had ever done throughout my degree. I feel happy and lucky at the same time for having the chance to group with people with like minds – to continuously strive. Everyone in my group has shown great commitment, dedication and willingness to sacrifice in order to fulfil their task and objective. Every one of us had the undying drive, energy and passion to just hang on and keep moving forward till we get our job done.

Ultimately, I believe that Venasa, Huan Yik, Ee Von and Dong Mei would agree with me that this Green Business project of ours has indeed brought us closer together, making us understand each other better, as well as ourselves. And this is the biggest achievement of ours – the unbreakable bond. The Power of Green has unite us all.


The Power of Green

A million thanks to Venasa, Huan Yik, Ee Von and Dong Mei,

For making our dreams a Reality.

Leader - Eddie

Friday, July 30, 2010

"Judgement Day" - Public Presentation

Oh yea!! Today is a judgement day for every group of us who go through the entrepreneurship assignment of MGT338 in this semester. Everyone was so formal and feel so nervous to college this morning, and we think it was the 1st time that we arrived at college so early, it was around 7.30am. Walking into college with semi-formal of our own T-shirt while others were wearing formal.

Well, our product is a furniture set, it is also hard to only carry by one person, so Huan Yik and Venasa had planned to drive and park in Metro. But... They were chased away by the guard, anywhere, they just put the furniture set at Metro then went out.. WHAT OH?? O.0

At the same time, we have our Account test 2 early in the morning at 8am @_@ So, you can imagine how we cope and ready these 2 events the night before?!? calculating... preparing presentation... cal... pre... cal... pre... Oh GOSH!!

Metropolitan - Lecture Theatre 1
Our judgement place

nervous smile...

the panel judges, industrial partners
There are
1. Ms. Low Ngai Yuen, Director, Marketing & Communication Department, Carrefour Malaysia

2. Mr. Tan Chew Lian, Quality & Admin Manager, JobStreet Malaysia

3. Mr. Ambanasu, Former Manager for Media Relations and Crisis Management, Malaysia Airlines.

4. Mr. Cheng, Manager for Franchise and Export for Padini

5. Mr. Kang, Human Resource Manager for Padini

6. YB Dato’ Hj Ameer Ali Mydin, Managing Director of Mydin hypermarket

We were the 4th group, worry and nervous before our turn. We really don't have the feeling to bother other stuff instead just waiting for our turn. Feeling nervous and nervous when saw the 3 groups before us were being shoot, critic and judge that we never thought before. Again, Oh Gosh!!! Everyone of us encourage each other and has warm hand shake among us as the environment was cold and we were really nervous.

"Next, ... ... G-Force ... ..."
Yup!! Finally, our turn ~.~
Everyone of us was playing our own roles as Dongmei and Ee Von gave the handouts and small gift to panel judges; Venasa and Huan Yik carried the furniture set to the stage; Our injured thumb leader- Eddie, setting up the slide

our small gifts - handmade sock dolls...

We can really feel the nervousness among each other, this was really the first time for us. Yet, every group was showing video to end their presentation, but we make it different by showing our prototype website, and this should proudly thanks Venasa, our layout designer for the website, and Ee Von for a small help on making the flash in the website as well as others on giving ideas. woohoo!! Not bad^^ We get applaud for that.

To other group who keep on asking us whether we have make any video,
we really didn't lie on you all!! We didn't make any video yea!!!


Judgement time, at the meanwhile, we felt that judges were more to emphasize us to improve while shooting was just a little part. But as the same with other group, we are just in college level, and we asked each other that why judges keep on asking "why we want to go with Parkson but not other", ermm... this was our assignment requirement! All of us were showing question mark on the head that whether the judges knew our assignment question or not. By the way, it was really a good experience, judges are quite satisfy as they said we got the passion for our work! Thanks judges!! We really put a lot of effort for this assignment, day and night for more than 1 month time!!!

Ok!! Finally, we can relax and going on to the next 15 groups...

some of the presenters for the day...

7 of the 19 groups...

G-Force!! Power of Green!!
We are the best!! roar~~
We got the best group for this public presentation!!
The feeling is like we were awarded for our hardwork, effort, sweat, blood... ...

Is time to reward ourselves!
small small celebration at Manhattan Fish Market, MV =D

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Photo shooting session and completion of business plan

Actually we didn't plan to meet up today, but suddenly Venasa told us that we still haven't take any proper picture for our products. Thus, everyone is being called and we met at Eddie's house at around 5pm.

The part-time photographer of G-Force, Ee Von, was setting up for photo shooting
yor~~ looks professional..haha!!

Product 1 - Arabian style 'green' sofa

Product 2 - 'Green' table

FG - 'Green' Furniture Set

Since camera was set up, so we take some group photos as well... Let's have a look!
WOW!! The POWER!!!!!!

serious, playful, normal... anything..^^ The bond of G-Force

Next, we moved to Empire - Starbucks to complete our business plan together.
Tea time + dinner for the day... No $ no $ but bread @@ Somemore Jaya Grocer one instead of The Loaf...

everyone was work around on our own position. Not bad, show initiative woh^^
Everyone was finalize everything, business plan as well as the small gift for judges...

yeah!! these are the small gift - sock dolls

Monday, July 19, 2010


Oh yea!! As mention before, the real product has finish early. But we still get each other together to proceed with our small gift, so everything is still work in progress. Basically, today we get each other together in the 4 hours break at Dongmei's room to proceed our work from last Friday. Again, sew the sock dolls, cut and wrap photo frame...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Proceeding at another place...

Ok! Today we change another venue for our work. Moving to KL... Ee Von's house.
One of the purpose is actually go to search and look for our group T-shirt as we planned. Lunch at Kuchai, then request about the T-shirt printing at Kuchai and Sri Petaling. We are not yet prepare to make it today, but just surveying around about the price and type. Next round will do...

Well, don't wanna go back Subang anymore so we just proceed our work at Ee Von's house. Such a self-initiative group members lol... Leaders no need to appoint us to work instead we will just make ourselves to do some work. Let's see...

Eddie - editing the business plan
Ee Von - sewing the carpet
Huan Yik - helping everyone (sock dolls and photo frame)
Venasa - making sock dolls
Dongmei - sewing sock dolls and wrap photo frame


outcome for today!! NICE NICE^^

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Move on to small gift

As mentioned in the previous post, small gift is our so called 'secret weapon'. We decided to make some small gift for the industrial people as well as our beloved lecturer.

Officially, our furniture set has been done. But we tend to add some decoration on it. Well, don't know where Venasa found a cloth, and it is quite suitable. So, we went to Eddie's house again after class just to measure the dimension of the table then we move to Dongmei's room to make our small gift.

erm... oh ya.. he is our leader..
speechless @@

Venasa was cutting the cloth for table...

sock dolls...

we are planning to make something like the one that shown in the laptop...
see the outcome O.o
erm... X X X

so the total outcome for today...
is totally out of our area
but nice try lol...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Discussion about 'secret weapon' @@

Discussion again and again. We found that it is happy for us when having a meeting as all of us can contribute different ideas and give comments on our current work. The products for our group are basically done. After a long long discussion, we plan to get some 'secret weapon' with the purpose of gain the others attraction during the exhibition day.

Google is such a useful searching engine as we can easily get what we actually plan to do at there. After getting the information from there, communicate among each team members is the important process which is strengthen by our leader, Eddie. This is to ensure that there is no even a small conflict in our team. We want to be the most peaceful and the best group.

Brainstorm section has come to the end. Everyone agree with the "secret weapon", and start to progress it. What is it? Stay tune and you will know it very soon... ...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Basically, each of our team members do play few roles in a team. And Huanyik, nominate himself as the shellac painter at the day. Since there is only one brush and the work is not really hard. Therefore, the others 4 of our group member decide to give moral support to him. Well, of course, we do criticize on his work.

He keep trying to paint a few layers of shellac and it does not show the "lightning" effect. Actually, that is not his problem, all is because of the shellac problem.
Fine, G-force members will not give up easily. Keep trying and trying, and the small little 'light' effects make us feel happy. Unfortunately, it is just a four hours break and we have to attend the class again.

Anyway, feel glad and happy because everyone do attend in this "meeting" although only need one people to do the work.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Decorating and Carrefour

After some small discussion, finally we decide that we want to make our product looks grand and comfort for those who sitting on it. Towels is our main material in our decoration.

Vanesa, again show her passion. Keep trying and trying on how to decorate by using the towel. So glad to have her in our group as a designer^^

At the same time, Dongmei and Eddie are giving their ideas on the decoration with the purpose to improve the product.

Everyone opinion are not bad. It is time for shopping (shop for decoration lol). With limited budget, we plan to go Carrefour to walk around and take our lunch. We did a brief survey on the price and quality of the materials for decoration. Along the shopping, Vanesa and Huanyik keep giving comment on those stuffs, which chosen by everyone of us. "No, no, no." keep reject! As those stuff are not really suit our product, and luckily everyone was on spot to give comment and make our life go easier. Bla...bla...bla! It is time to have fun. [Sorry! maybe it was too stress, so Huan Yik and Dongmei come out like this O.o]

Another nice discussion day for us... Have fun!!! ^^v

Monday, June 28, 2010

Another hardcore day

It is another hardcore day for us, but we seem like enjoy these hardcore days very much. The main purpose for us to meet today is to gossip. Ops, CORRECTION! Is to continue on our 2nd product. Well, in order to make sure everyone participate in this activity and make our life earsier, we have a small competition.

Huanyik, the 1st contestant

2nd-- Vanesa

Following by Eevon

And our leader-- Eddie

compare compare =D

Dongmei did not participate in this lame competition as we only need to saw 4 of the rolls. So, she act as a fixer in this like what is showing in the pictures above. Saw ah saw... And this come to the end of the process. Very sad to announce that the male contestant had totally fail in this. Our superwoman-- Vanesa, once again prove her super position in our group.

Eddie tried to be the superman in our group. But, he failed and a bit emo. ^^ This not stopping him from continue leading our group to another product.

messy everywhere

Messy everywhere @@
Anyway, proud with all of our group mate. G-force, roar!!!
Our eam spirit are always there^^

This is our final product

Mr. Chan so fast fully utilize the table already
Tomorrow got ACC test ar ~.~